Chrissy Teigen Fans Horrified After Spotting ‘Disgusting’ Detail In Bath Video

A video of Chrissy Teigen in the bath has gone viral on social media as fans are horrified by a 'gross' detail. 
Credit: @johnlegend/Instagram

A video of Chrissy Teigen in the bath has gone viral on social media as fans are horrified by a ‘gross’ detail. 

Teigen, 38, is a model and television personality, having co-hosted the music competition series Lip Sync Battle.

She’s also the wife of singer-songwriter John Legend, 45, with who she shares four children: Luna, 8, Miles, 6, Esti, 1, and Wren, who has just celebrated his first birthday.

Teigen has made headlines numerous times throughout her career, from her online controversy with fellow media personality Courtney Stodden to a TikToker claiming she and Legend kicked her and her friends out of a photo booth.

And now, the model is making the headlines again with a video recorded by her husband.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen is once again in the headlines for drama. Credit: Alamy

Legend took to Instagram and uploaded a clip of Teigen in the bath and the internet has lots to say about it.

One viewer comments: “She is dirty!”

Another adds: “There’s no need to see this.”

“There hasn’t been this much drama concerning a bathtub since Saltburn,” somebody else jokes.

A fourth simply says: “Yuk.”

Meanwhile, others have taken to the comments and defended the star, with one fan writing: “Love you Chrissy Teigen, let the haters hate. Poor John though.”

A second says: “You do you and enjoy, relax and ignore all the noise.”

“People just suck, and mostly just jealous,” another follower insists.

Chrissy Teigen in bath.
John Legend uploaded a video of his wife Chrissy Teigen in the bath and it’s sparked a backlash. Credit: @johnlegend/Instagram

In the video causing all the drama, Legend asked Teigen: “What’s happening here?”

As she used a washcloth to scrub her legs, the mom responded: “I’m getting all my body makeup off.”

The viral post was captioned: “Sometimes you gotta exfoliate! @chrissyteigen’s favorite @loved01skin product.” He noted that the line she’s using is his skincare line, Loved01.

Tegan clarified that the debris in the bathwater was the body makeup she had been scrubbing off, saying: “The water is dirty because I’m getting my body makeup off, like I said in the video my sweet angels!”

This may have cleared up why the water appeared dirty but it didn’t stop people from asking Teigen why she didn’t just shower instead.

Chrissy Teigen's dirty bath water.
Chrissy Teigen’s followers questioned why she didn’t just scrub her makeup off in the shower. Credit: @johnlegend/Instagram

As one viewer puts it: “To me, it does make more sense to wash the makeup off in the shower lol. Washing makeup off with makeup water? I can’t imagine cleaning that big of a makeup ring around the tub lol.”

In agreement, another person comments: “Kind of disgusting bathing in dirty water. Chrissy should have showered instead.”

“You should do that in the shower!” insists someone else.

Following the backlash, Teigen shared the video to her Instagram page, alongside the caption: “Currently getting roasted online for being dirty because no one listened the audio where I say I’m soaking off body makeup (to shower after!).

“Full-blown fights in John’s comments. My favorite is ‘Baths are not for bathing.’ I love a good old-fashioned roasting though, you guys are killing it (it is never touching grass ever). Using my favorite @loved01skin exfoliator.”

In the comments, Legend wrote: “Baths are not for bathing is some amazing internet-ness.”


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