City Enters Into TWO MONTHS Of Darkness As Sun Sets For Final Time In 2020

An Alaskan city has entered an entire two months of darkness, as the sun has set for the last time in 2020. Until January 23, residents of the northernmost city in the US will be plunged into darkness. 

Utqiagvik, the northernmost city in the US, has just 34 minutes of sunlight on Wednesday before the city entered a dark winter spell which will last until January 23.

For the 4,000 residents of the city, they will be experiencing a whole 65 days of darkness and in addition to this, temperatures barely above freezing.

The Weather Channel explained that this natural phenomenon occurs because regions in the Arctic circle are tilted away from the sun on the earth’s axis throughout the course of the winter months.

Over the past few weeks, the days in Utqiagvik have been cut dramatically short, with there being only five hours and 42 minutes of daylight by November 1.

Yesterday, this dropped even further to just 34 minutes. For little over half an hour, the sun peeked over the horizon and will continue to do so over the next few months.

Credit: Wikipedia

According to the National Weather Service, the sun in the city set at 1.30 pm local time on Wednesday for the final time in 2020.

For the people living in Utqiagvik, temperatures will plunge due to lack of sunlight and nobody will get a glimpse of daylight.

Interestingly, the city experiences the exact opposite weather effect in summer, with there being almost complete sunshine from May until August.

In other news, a Google Earth user has sparked conspiracy theories regarding a 400ft ‘ice ship’ he found off the coast of Antarctica.

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