Climate Activist Crashes Louis Vuitton Runway In Viral Clip

Climate Activist Louis Vuitton: The woman who crashed a runway show during Paris Fashion Week has gone viral. 
Credit: @bryanboy/TikTok

A climate activist who crashed a Louis Vuitton runway show during Paris Fashion Week before being removed by security guards has gone viral. 

In the clip, the unknown woman, who is reportedly part of the Extinction Rebellion group, can be seen holding up a sign which reads: “OVERCONSUMPTION=EXTINCTION.”

Although some people have called her an ‘icon,’ others have claimed it wasn’t the ‘time or the place’ to cause such a scene.

Watch the moment the protestor crashes the Louis Vuitton runway below…

One person said: “People are getting way too comfortable with this ‘interrupting and making a scene’ stuff.

“Soon there’ll be a lot of vigilante going on by all sides.”

Another asked: “And how did this help or change anything?”

However, the majority of people praised the activist and argued that to be heard, you have to be ‘disruptive’.

One supporter commented: “For people saying she’s disrespectful and disruptive, activism is always opposing authority so it has to be disruptive.”

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The climate activist crashed a Louis Vuitton runway show. Credit: @bryanboy/TikTok

In agreement, a second said: “This literally is the time and the place for this protest. It’s peaceful and impactful.

“She’s strutted that runway momma.”

“Not y’all defending a multi-million dollar company, embarrassing,” a third remarked. 

Some user’s also praised the protestor’s skills on the catwalk, comparing her to other supermodels.

One said: “She walks better than Gigi [Hadid] and Kendall [Jenner].”

“She had a good walk as well. I thought she was part of the show,” added another.

A third quoted Lady Gaga’s song ‘Bad Romance’ when referencing the clip, writing: “Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that b**** crazy.”

At the time of writing, Extinction Rebellion France and Louis Vuitton have not commented on the incident.  

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Written by Aimee Walker

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