Climate Activist Who Is On A Hunger Strike Says She’s ‘Prepared To Die’

A climate protester has claimed she's 'prepared to die,' as she goes on a hunger strike. 
Credit: @lauraamherstxr/Instagram

A climate activist has claimed she’s ‘prepared to die,’ as she goes on a hunger strike. 

Laura Amherst, 31, said she is refusing to eat until the government start listening to Extinction Rebellion and its demands.

Taking to Instagram, she told her followers she’s sent out a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about her ‘dramatic’ sacrifice.

Watch the moment President Joe Biden challenges the UN General Assembly on combating climate change in the clip below…

She said: “I have made the decision to not eat any more food until Boris Johnson actually addresses this letter and Extinction Rebellion’s demands.

“And now I know this is going to be extremely dangerous to me, and I’m scared, nervous myself, but I have to do all that I can and I’ve made.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I’ve made this decision and I’m prepared. This is going to sound so dramatic, but I’m prepared to die for this.

“It’s really obviously very hard because I have a child, but I have to do all that I can. And she has a good family around her good father and she’ll be well protected.”

Greta Thunberg Mocks Boris Johnson In Climate Speech

The climate activist has claimed she’s ‘prepared to die,’ as she goes on a hunger strike. Credit: @lauraamherstxr/Instagram

The ‘vegan politics student’ told her 18,000 followers that she’s not happy with the PM’s current actions on climate change and said ‘steeper cuts’ need to be made.

She explained: “I have been particularly worried about the fact that I do not believe the targets you are setting for this country to reduce emissions and to tackle this climate emergency are good enough. 

The more we drag our heels in making the necessary cuts to emissions now, the steeper the cuts we will have to make in the future.

Reading from the letter she’s sent to the PM, she added: “Boris, we cannot afford to not act on this. My child’s future, your child’s future, and all the children of the world’s future depend on us getting this right and doing what has to be done.”

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