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Coachella Food And Drink Prices Leave People Gobsmacked

People are gobsmacked after finding out the cost of food and drink at the Coachella music festival.
Credit: @jackietanti/TikTok

People are gobsmacked after finding out the cost of food and drinks at the Coachella music festival.

Coachella is an annual music festival known for its star-studded lineups and it is held over two weekends in California, US.

This year’s headliners include Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris.

But now the festival is making headlines for more than just its on-stage performances.

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The extremely high prices of food and drink items sold at the event is causing outrage online.

One festivalgoer, Jackie Tanti, is going viral on TikTok after sharing how much she spent.

Her clip, which is captioned ‘The s***iest part of Coachella’, has been viewed more than 2.7 million times

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In the video, Tanti says although the food was ‘pretty good’, it wasn’t worth the high price of $64.

For this amount, she got just two coffees and two burritos.

Many viewers have taken to the comments and expressed outrage at the staggering amount the food and drink costs.

@jackietantithe shittiest part of coachella 🙃😵‍💫♬ original sound – jackie tanti

One writes: “My jaw dropped.”

Another viewer remarks: “Omg what!? That’s like a $16 coffee! It better have been the best coffee of your LIFE!”

While a third person says: “This is why I never get jealous when Coachella takes over my feed every year.”

“What in theeee $64,” comments another.

Other TikTokers have taken to the comments to say the food and drinks don’t look amazing quality for the price either.

Jackie Tanti at Coachella
People are gobsmacked after finding out the cost of food and drink at the Coachella music festival. Credit: @jackietanti/TikTok

“Girl I’m more shocked at the combination of the two at a festival,” one person pens.

“They got porta potties do y’all got metal stomachs or what cos omg I’m s****ing just looking!”

Another adds: “That coffee looks like swamp water.”

However, some people have taken to the comments and justified the prices.

One person comments: “Prices are high, but, any of the food I’ve had during any Coachella I’ve been to has been super fresh and delicious! Better than any restaurant!”

Somebody else writes: “Well yeah, camping festival food prices.

“Venues generally take a 33%-40% cut so they have to be high.”

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According to the Groove Cartel, a fried chicken sandwich at the festival costs around $17, a grilled cheese sandwich is $16, and sides like onion rings or crinkle-cut fries can cost from $12 to $14.

While a vodka Redbull costs $20 and an oat milk latte can cost up to $15.

The high prices of food and drink at Coachella have gained a reputation, with festivalgoers needing to budget for these items when attending the event.

It’s clear that the cost of the festival does not stop at the admission fee, and attendees need to consider the additional expenses when deciding to attend.

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