Concerned Mum Shares Stomach-Churning Images Of Son’s Bath Toys Which Are Filled With Thick Black Mould

A concerned mum has taken to Facebook to share with parents her stomach-churning discovery of what the inside of bath toys look like after being used for some time.

After reading about a child who had nearly lost their eyesight after squirting themself in the eye with dirty water from a bath toy, a concerned mum decided to cut open some of her own son’s bath toys to see what they looked like inside.

When she cut open the plastic bath toys she was left “disgusted” by what she saw. Inside the toys, she found that a thick dangerous mould was growing and this was despite her washing them on a regular basis.

Credit: Facebook

The mum took to Facebook to warn other parents and wrote: “Please throw these bath toys away it’s disgusting – I feel sick looking at it.

“For those of you who saw the post I shared the other day of the little boy who accidentally squirted himself in the eye with one of his bath toys and it got really bad infected, y’all…

“I just cut my kids bath toys open and needless to say, they are all going in the trash and I will never buy another and I would suggest you all do the same!

“They say mould grows in them because they’re never able to fully dry out! I’ve never been more disgusted in my life!!”

Credit: Facebook

Although the mum had tried to be thoughtful and simply warn other parents, she was shocked to receive backlash from some parents, who attempted to mum-shame her.


“Yes I clean my kids toys but you cannot dry them out fully, therefore mould grows because it’s wet – I’m sure y’all don’t cook your kids Dino chicken nuggets either”.

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