Conspiracy Theorists Think Joe Biden Faked Recent Appearance With Green Screen

Conspiracy theorists think that Joe Biden faked his recent appearance outside the White House by using a green screen. 

The idea was triggered when the 78-year-old headed towards the group of reporters and his hand brushed over one of the boom microphones.

Theorists are now convinced it’s a sign that the President is dead or too sick to be making appearances.

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Joe Biden outside the White House.
Conspiracy theorists believe Joe Biden faked his most recent appearance. Credit: Twitter/@thehill

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “I would like to see an explanation of this phenomenon, and have someone recreate it.

“Also, show people how to recreate the optical illusion at home.”

“Why do his hands cover two mics though?” another theorist asked.

A third stated: “It was a fake. At least the microphones were. Not sure why anyone is defending this?”

Conspiracy theorists are convinced the recent appearance was fake.
Steve Herman denied that Joe Biden is faking his public appearances. Credit: Twitter/@w7voa

Although the sight does look a little odd, the journalist who was holding the mic in question has confirmed he spoke to President Biden.

Steve Herman wrote on Twitter: “I was the one holding the lighter-coloured fuzzy microphone and thus literally in front of @POTUS on the South Lawn.

“It’s all real. Who actually believes this faked moon landing type nonsense and more importantly who is spreading it?”

BBC journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh also took to Twitter to insist it was real.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@thehill

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