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Costa’s Christmas Menu 2022 Is Here And There’s Lots Of Delicious New Food And Drink To Try

Fancy a Toblerone hot chocolate? Or the classic Gingerbread latte? Check out Costa Coffee's Christmas menu of 2022.
Credit: costa

Love Toblerone and Terry’s Chocolate Orange? Looking for your first Gingerbread latte of the season? Then prepare yourselves for Costa’s delicious new festive menu for 2022.

Costa Coffee never fails to deliver on the Christmas treats and 2022 is no different as they’ve officially unveiled their Christmas drinks and food menu for this year.

Bringing back some old classics and introducing some tasty new additions, the famous coffee shop is delivering all the goods for this festive season, including some vegetarian and vegan options.

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And as if that’s not exciting enough, they’ve created not one, but two fabulous new hot drinks inspired by a chocolate favourite – the Toblerone.

Here’s everything on Costa’s Christmas menu that you should be trying as soon as it hits shops on November 3:

Costa Toblerone chocolate muffin
Costa’s new Toblerone muffin is set to be a big hit. Credit: Costa

Costa’s Christmas drinks menu 2022

Toblerone Latte

Yup, your favourite drink and chocolate are all rolled into one.

The classic latte has been given a festive makeover with an indulgent chocolate and honey-flavour sauce, inspired by the Toblerone. To complete the taste, it’s topped with a light dairy swirl and festive twinkle topper with, of course, a little Toblerone on the side.

Toblerone Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for something a little more comforting, then you’ll enjoy the coffee chain’s second new drink – the Toblerone Hot Chocolate.

For this, Costa has blended its hot chocolate powder with a bespoke chocolate and honey-flavour sauce to give that Toblerone taste. This too is topped with a dairy swirl and festive topper alongside a mini chocolate bar.

Gingerbread and Cream Latte

It was a winner last year, and it will be again as Costa brings back its famous Christmas drink for its shoppers to enjoy.

This festive drink takes the classic latte and adds a generous serving of gingerbread syrup with a cream topping.

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

Another classic making its way back to Costa’s Christmas drinks menu for 2022.

Infused with orange syrup, the popular hot drink comes complete with cream and sparkle sprinkles. Delicious.

Costa's new chocolate cake
Loaded chocolate and hazelnut cake will be hitting the Costa Christmas menu. Credit: Costa

Costa’s Christmas sweet treats menu

It’s not just hot drinks on the fancy festive menu this year but they’ve also added some amazing new cakes and muffins to try out. The menu includes:

  • Toblerone muffin
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin
  • Loaded chocolate and hazelnut cake
  • White chocolate trillionaire’s slice
  • Crispy festive wreath
  • Raspberry trifle loaf cake
  • Reindeer muffin
Costa's vegan p'gs in blanket panini
Costa is bringing vegan p’gs in blankets panini to the menu for 2022. Credit: Costa

Costa Coffee’s Christmas savoury menu

A collection of new toasties and paninis have been added, with something to suit everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. Its Christmas menu includes:

  • Brie and cranberry toastie (vegetarian)
  • Maple bacon and mac and cheese
  • Vegan p’gs and blankets panini
  • Turkey and trimmings toastie
  • Pigs and blankets panini
  • Brie, bacon and cranberry panini
  • Turkey feast sandwich

The new menu will be available across Costa Coffee stores and Costa Express self-serve machines from November 3, 2022. 

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Written by Zoe Adams

Zoe is a freelance SEO journalist and editor with more than 10 years of experience. She specialises in trending, lifestyle and entertainment news. She has previously worked with brands such as Global, the UK and Europe’s largest radio company, and OK! Magazine.

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