Couple Film ‘Paranormal Activity’ In Their ‘Haunted’ House

Paranormal Activity

A couple has filmed a series of ‘paranormal activity’ in their home.

Ben Hubbard and Lainey Clerk have lived in their three-story house in Buckingham since 2018, and they are convinced it is ‘haunted’.

They claim they often ‘see things’ out of the corner of their eyes and ‘hear bangs and footsteps’ around the property.

Watch what they caught on camera… 

Opening up about their experiences, Ben said: “Lainey and I moved in in the summer of 2018. The home was so lovely and welcoming and around 6-8 weeks after moving in we started to notice things but individually.

“I would often see things out of the corner of my eye and hear bangs and footsteps around the house, especially on the stairs.

“Lainey also experienced similar things but one time she was in the bath and she was home alone, she heard a rough male voice coming from the room above her and it called her name.

“Spooked and feeling very vulnerable she decided to go and investigate thinking someone had got into the house but after checking that the front door was locked and not finding anyone in the house she climbed back into the bath and thought it was her imagination.

“We never spoke about our individual experiences but one evening we were sat watching TV and a plant pot sat on the cabinet under the TV moved on its own.

“Stunned by what we had seen we had just witnessed we sat with jaws dropped for a few moments and then it opened the topic of everything else we have experienced.

“We swore each other to secrecy because we didn’t want to believe what was going on but when things started to become more prominent we wanted to understand what was going on so Lainey decided to try and catch things on camera.”

Moment ‘Ghost’ Snatches Remote From Kid’s Hands Caught On Camera

Credit: ARK Media

The couple then managed to ‘catch a small cupboard door opening on its own’ and decided to start researching what was going on online.

However, they made a spooky discovery.

Ben said: “After getting a lot of advice online we learned that it may not be the house that is haunted but actually the land so we decided to do some research into that.

“We found a couple of news articles that stated that when the land was being prepared to be built on the excavators found 42 human remains in ‘shallow graves’ with their hands and feet bound behind their backs suggesting that these people would have been prisoners of war.

“When archaeologists looked into the remains it was said that they would have dated back to the Anglo-Saxon times. After researching this further it’s thought that the land that we now live on was the ground of a military outpost for a larger camp in Oxfordshire (30 minutes away).

“After speaking with a psychic medium we learned that our spirit is called Dave. Dave died on a road not too far from our home in a car accident and has actually attached himself to Lainey.”

Featured Image Credit: ARK Media

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