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Couple ‘Freaked Out’ After Making ‘Alarming’ Discovery While Renovating House  

A couple in Salt Lake City, in the US, was left 'freaked out' when they noticed 'dark red stains' on the carpet when renovating their home. 
Credit: @house.ofthe.rising.sun/TikTok

A couple in Salt Lake City, in the US, was left ‘freaked out’ when they noticed ‘dark red stains’ on the carpet when renovating their home. 

They posted three videos on TikTok, under the username @house.ofthe.rising.sun, about their findings.

In the first clip, which features eerie music in the background, the pair said: “Today we tore up our 110-year-old carpet, there was a surprise waiting for us. 

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Couple freaked stains
The couple shared a series of videos about the stains they found in their house. [email protected]/TikTok

“At first we weren’t sure what it was, but the more we found, the more obvious it was that it was blood. 

“Like, an alarming amount of blood.”

The second video, which has amassed over 5.4million views, appears to feature a policeman examining the stains.

The couple claimed: “Two days into the renovations of our 110-year-old house, we stumbled upon some suspicious stains under the carpet.

“The police confirmed that it looked like blood, but said they couldn’t be sure if it was human or animal without testing it.”

A follow-up video was posted with mysterious drawings over the walls and the page now has a whopping 100,000 followers on TikTok.

Users of the platform were quick to share their thoughts on the videos.

One said: “My relatives bought a house that was an axe murder crime scene, they got it cheap.”

“I think it’s more than likely from someone who died and wasn’t found for a while than a murder,” added another.

@house.ofthe.rising.sun Welp… where do we go from here 😅🥴 #renovation #homeimprovement #haunted #crimetok #SaveIt4TheEndZone #foryou ♬ Pink Soldiers – 23

However, others cast doubt on the claims made in the clips.

One user commented: “Hey let’s call the cops and bring in potential legal issues for stained carpets.” 

Another person added: “This screams I only got one thing going on in my life and I’m going to stretch it out as far as I can for views.”

While a third said: “Either a murder happened or the crime scene crew didn’t clean the scene properly.”

In the comments section, the couple explained that the police wouldn’t do the testing themselves unless there was suspicion of foul play or something else serious. 

The homeowners decided to purchase their own testing kit and say they will post a ‘part four’ when they receive the results of their findings. 

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