Couple Horrified To See Massive Spider Outside Apartment Door

A couple in Texas were left absolutely horrified when they took a glance outside their apartment and realised a massive spider was by the front door. 

Teuona Thomas and her husband Ken, based in Texas, were freaked out when they realised there was an unexpected (and unwanted) visitor outside their apartment door.

Astonishingly, the couple realised it was a tarantula that was about the size of Teuona’s hand.

She told WKYT: “We were horrified! We’ve never seen any spider this huge in our lives!”

It wasn’t just that the creature was extremely large that concerned the couple. The pair were worried about their 12-week-old puppy, as it was curious about the arachnid and kept trying to sniff it.

Teona explained: “I thought the spider was going to jump on him and bite him.

“We didn’t know if it was poison or not, so we opened to door and let him in as my husband went out.”

Thankfully, Ken became the hero of the day. As the spider had slowly made its way over to the patio door, he bravely fetched a plastic container.

Teona continued: “When he put the container against the door, I hit the window on the opposite side, and it jumped in.”

Credit: Facebook

After the spider was put safely in its container, the couple calmed down from the drama and called the apartment complex office and asked if it would be possible for them to pick up the eight-legged friend and find it a new, more fitting home.

Although everything turned out fine in the end and the puppy wasn’t harmed, the couple has been left a little scarred by the incident and have admitted it’s caused a change in their lounging habits.

Before the spider, the couple would enjoy cool evenings out on the patio with no lights. Nowadays, they’ve opted to do otherwise!

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