Couple ‘Mortified’ After Dad Spots Rude Detail In Vacation Photo

A couple has been left 'mortified' after dad spots a rude detail in a vacation photo.
Credit: @_k3lsxo/Twitter

A couple has been left ‘mortified’ after their dad spotted a rude detail in their vacation photo.

Going on holiday with your partner tends to be one of the most exciting times of your life.

Especially if it is your first holiday as a young couple – as you have more freedom and can loosen up away from prying eyes.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that it’s a great opportunity to get a little more intimate with your partner.

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However, this is something that should stick between you two and not be shared with anyone – especially with your family.

Unfortunately for one woman, she gave her parents an idea of what she and her boyfriend were up to.

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In a mirror selfie Kelsey sent to her parents of her and her partner Elliot, bottles of lotion and deodorant can be seen on the worktop.

A red bottle is also prominent that reads ‘Durex’ – which is a lubricant used when you get up close and personal with your partner.

Kelsey shared the exchange between herself and her parents, with her mum texting: “Dad said the pics r lovely, nice Durex bottle.”

She tried to cover up the embarrassment by responding: “It’s Elliot’s knee cream!”

However, this didn’t fool her parents as her dad zoomed in – which left the young couple mortified.

The post has over 55,000 likes on Twitter and people have reacted to the blunder in the comments.

One user says: “Nothing out of the ordinary…it’s not like they were on vacation to visit churches and save the homeless.”

“Aw man you can’t come home from that holiday,” writes someone else.

A third person adds: “At least it was small enough to go in hand luggage 50ml.

“If that’s for his knee… it must be a very long knee.”

“Expected you to go on holiday and be in separate beds and rooms?” pens another.

A fifth writes: “Well, what did you think they’d think you were doing in a hotel room on holiday together?”

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Despite people seeing its funny side, Kelsey was also subject to some hurtful comments, prompting her to issue another message.

She tweeted: “Some people [are] getting a right little bee in their bonnet about a little bit of lube. Calm down darlings.”

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