Couple Is Trolled For Serving Wedding Meal That Looks Like A ‘Toddler’s Lunch’

A couple has been trolled after serving a wedding meal that’s been compared to a ‘toddler’s lunch’. 

A newlywed’s photos have been shared onto a wedding shaming page, as people couldn’t get over the meal they served up to guests. Instead of having a fancy sit down meal, the couple decided to keep it simple with their meal and served to up guests a croissant, fruit, some vegetables and a packet of crisp to finish it off.

Unimpressed by the day as a whole, one of the bridesmaids took to the Facebook page That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming and said ‘it just looked a mess’. She then blasted the food she was served.

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The couple was also trolled for their general wedding day presentation. Credit: Facebook. That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming

Following a disorganised church ceremony, she claims she was astounded by what they had prepared as a wedding meal.

She wrote: “We get our ‘food’ – which was half a croissant sandwich, fruit on a stick, veggies in a cup and a bag of chips.”

She continued: “None of the chairs matched at the reception… it just looked a mess.

“They came back in and immediately started cutting the cake lol and that threw us off cause we’d never seen that before.

“Everything is over is done by 12:30 pm. Had to be gone by then.

“The longest two hours of my life.”

Once shared onto the popular Facebook page, it soon racked up hundreds of likes and comments.

Many were in agreement that the meal wasn’t exactly appealing to the eye and could understand why she had been shocked by the presentation.

One remarked: “Looks like a snack I would give my toddlers. But hey on the plus side at least your whole day wasn’t wasted at a wedding.”

Another commented: “This is literally what I gave my toddler for lunch today minus the chips.”

While a third pitched in: “That food reminds me of when you turn up to a buffet two hours late and have to make do with what’s left.”

Clearly, this isn’t a Facebook page where you have to hold back your harshest thoughts!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming

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