Couple Sues Hospital For ‘Losing Body Of Newborn Son’ Who Died Three Days After Birth

A grieving couple is allegedly in a lawsuit with a Florida hospital after their dead newborn’s body has been lost after the baby passed away three days after birth. 

Kathryn and Travis Wilson claim that the remains of their son Jacob have been lost by St Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, three days after his February birth.

In June, the couple allegedly filed a $30,000 negligence lawsuit against the hospital for the loss of their baby’s remains.

In court papers, the cause of death was not divulged and according to the Tampa Bay Times, the remains are still missing.

The couple’s lawyer has stated that he is in a closed-door discussion with the hospital’s attorney.

The entrance St Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa. Credit: Google Maps

Jacob was born on February 25 and three days later, passed away. Although the cause of death was not specified in the court papers, the hospital hired Brooksville company Metro Mortuary Transport Inc to take the baby’s body to Orlando Regional Medical Center for an autopsy.

According to the lawsuit, the baby’s body was returned wrapped in blankets and a body bag. On March 5, Kathryn received a call to inform her that she could finalise funeral arrangements.

Yet on March 11, the couple were left devastated when told that the baby’s body had gone missing.

Already having faced the trauma of losing their son, the couple has faced further mental and psychological torment, which has now escalated into physical pain due to the “loss of capacity to enjoy life”, as the lawsuit states.

Owner and operator of St Joseph’s, the Baycare Health System, have released a statement which says that the hospital has “investigated all avenues and fully cooperated in all search efforts” in an attempt to find the baby’s body.

The statement said: “Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Wilsons for the loss of their child.

“We also deeply regret not being able to account for the remains. St Joseph’s leadership and all personnel in our morgues are committed that this unforeseen situation will not happen again.”

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