COVID Disaster Movie on Amazon Prime Branded ‘Nightmarish’ By Viewers

A COVID disaster movie has dropped on Amazon Prime UK and has been the talk of many thanks to its depressing and “nightmarish” premise. 

Titled Songbird, the movie is set in 2024 and focuses on courier Nico (KJ Apa from Riverdale) and Sara (Sofia Carson from Descendants), who fall in love despite being in a “dystopian, scary world” where 110 million people have been killed worldwide after a coronavirus mutation.

The film also stars Demi Moore, Craig Robinson, Peter Stomore, Alexandra Daddario and Bradley Whitford.

The brains behind Songbird, Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, wrote the script in March of the first lockdown. The plot centres around the love between Nico and Sarah, which is passionate and strong despite the fact they’ve never met.

However, many people have slammed the premise of the film and said the movie is “exploitative” and “insensitive”, while others simply said the plot was far too “depressing” with the current situation.

Credit: STXfilms

After spotting the film on Amazon Prime, one person wrote: “I can’t believe some sick f***er already made a CV-23 disaster movie – That’s just not entertainment!”

Another questioned: “This has got to be a joke right?”

While a third ranted: “I speak for all of us when I say NOPE NOPE TOO SOON NOPE”.

Meanwhile, others have said they’ve not been left surprised by the movie’s conception, but say it’s just downright offensive when people are still suffering.

A viewer raged: “People are dying, losing their jobs, mental health cases have risen dramatically so instead of donating or helping, they make a movie. Profit off of peoples’ fear.”

A Twitter user agreed, commenting: ” “It comes across as incredibly distasteful and exploitative to me and not to mention emotionally distressing since part of me is genuinely worried this pandemic could lead into that nightmarish dystopia being a reality.

“At the very least they should wait until after the pandemic to release something like that.”

In other film-related news, a trailer has dropped for action-comedy movie Superintelligence starring Melissa McCarthy.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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