‘Criminal Astrologer’ Reveals Most Common Star Sign Of Serial Killers

A 'criminal astrologer' has revealed the most common star sign of serial killers.
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A ‘criminal astrologer’ has revealed the most common star sign of serial killers.

Gruesome Podcast host Meg Miller recently took to TikTok and claimed that she’s put some research into true crime and astrology.

In one clip, the stargazer says that, out of all the star signs, Capricorns are the most likely to become serial killers.

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‘Criminal astrologer’ Meg Miller claimed that the most common star sign for serial killers is Capricorn. Credit: @gruesomepodcast/TikTok

To back up her point, Miller gave five examples of murderers who come under the astrological sign.

First of all, she referenced Ian Brady, who carried out the Moors Murders alongside Myra Hindley, then she listed American serial killer Joel Rifkin, who was responsible for the murder of nine women.

Next, she pointed out Harold Shipman, who was a doctor guilty of murdering 15 of his patients.

For the final two examples, Miller named Russian serial killer Vasili Komaroff and German nurse, Niels Högel.

@gruesomepodcastIf you’re a Capricorn, you might also be a serial killer. ##serialkiller ##astrology♬ original sound – Meg + Coni

So far, the astrologer’s clip has been viewed over 56,000 times and many people have taken to the comments to admit they’re also Capricorns.

One viewer said: “As a Capricorn, I think people will fear me.”

Alongside a worried face emoji, another admitted: “I’m a Capricorn, oh-oh.”

“Oh, so don’t mess with me,” a third joked.

However, some people took to the comments and said they disagreed with her.

“No it’s not because I did a lot of background research and I found out it’s Taurus,” one TikToker pointed out.

In agreement that the claim was wrong, a second said: “I’m pretty sure it’s Pieces and Sagittarius but okay…”

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