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Cristiano Ronaldo Removes Coke Bottle From Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo
Credit: @cristiano/Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola placed in front of him at a Euro 2020 press conference on Monday.

The footballer, who is known for following a strict diet, appeared to take offense that the soft drinks had been put in his shot.

As he moved them, he told the press to ‘drink water!’ in Portuguese.

You can watch the moment below…

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has made his feelings about Coca-Cola clear.

During his acceptance speech at the Globe Soccer Awards in 2020, he admitted he is ‘hard’ on his eldest son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, when he drinks fizzy drinks.

He said: “I’m hard with him sometimes because he drinks Coca-Cola and Fanta sometimes and I’m pissed with him.

“I fight with him when he eats chips and fries and everything, he knows I don’t like it.

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“Even my small kids, when they eat chocolate they always look to me and, you know, we have to be strong.”

When asked if he thinks his son has the potential to become a professional footballer at top level, he responded: “But to be honest he has potential, he is a big boy, he’s fast and he’s driven well. But this nothing, I tell him every time, it takes a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work.

“Sometimes when we’re at home I say ‘go to the treadmill to run a bit’ and after the treadmill, I say ‘now go to the cold water to recover to do it tomorrow again,’ and it’s ‘daddy, it’s so cold the water I don’t want to do it.’

“But I understand it, he’s only 10 years old, it’s up to him, I’m not gonna push nothing for him to be a football player. If you ask me if I want, yes I want, but he’s gonna be whatever he wants. If he wants to be a doctor or, I just want him thinking ‘I’ve got to be the best.'”

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