Customer Faces Backlash After Posting ‘Insane’ Bill From Posh Hotel Online

A guy is facing a backlash on social media after posting a picture of an 'insane' bill he received at a posh hotel. 
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A guy is facing a backlash on social media after posting a picture of an ‘insane’ bill he received at a posh hotel. 

The punter claims he was ‘ripped off’ when charged £34 for two 250ml glasses of wine and two pints of beer at a rooftop bar in Belfast. 

He captioned his post on Twitter: “Night in Belfast. Completely insane. Rip off NI.” 

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customer 'insane' bill
The customer posted a photo of the ‘insane’ bill on Twitter. Credit: Twitter

However, many people in the replies did not agree with him and bashed him for complaining. 

One person commented: “Of course it’s expensive. It’s the nicest hotel in Belfast with a bar on the 23rd floor! Go to spoons if you want p**h pints and watered-down cocktails.”

Another added: “In fairness if you go to the Grand Central it is always going to be expensive.”

While a third argued that the prices weren’t ‘typical’ of the city, writing: “Don’t get me wrong I think alcohol in pubs is over-priced but these prices are not typical of Belfast, not even close.”  

The customer then posted another picture of a separate tab at the bar, purchased later in the evening, which totalled to £46 for five drinks. 

Another Twitter user noticed this and said: “You complain about the price of drink in Belfast and even though the first receipt was at 6pm and you still went back at 11.23pm. 

“You went back to the bar even though you knew it was expensive. Says more about you.” 

The man eventually responded to the backlash he had received, commenting: “I get it. My wording was misleading: it wasn’t a random night in Belfast. I stayed the weekend in the Grand Central Hotel. 

“My point was about the spiralling cost of alcohol. Yes, I paid for it because I stayed there (booked for me as a surprise not by me) but I can still sound off.” 

Others on the platform agreed with him, saying the bill looked like the hotel had ‘contempt for customers’.

They wrote: “£11 for a glass of probably not great wine is a total rip off.

“It’s like they have contempt for customers and just want to empty their pockets. I would check prices in advance and avoid any place like this.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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