Customer Left Outraged By £5.40 ‘Salad’ Which Is Just Cut Up Tomatoes

A customer has been left outraged by a $6 (£5.4) ‘salad’ they ordered, which was presented as chopped up tomatoes and a few slivers of onion on top. 

A customer took to Reddit to share their £5.40 salad, which was basically just chopped up tomatoes and a bit of onion on top, as they couldn’t believe the staff had the nerve to serve it.

When visiting the German island of Amrum, a tourist who goes by the name Gandi14 on Reddit has expressed their outrage at the dish they ordered “after a long mudflat hiking tour”.

Popular with tourists, the seaside resort is one of the smallest islands off Germany and is just 20km wide.

The photo of the disappointing salad was shared onto a subreddit called sh*ttyfoodporn, where many were left amused by the restaurant’s idea of a salad.

One person commented: “Jeez. Not even a bit of salt and pepper. That’s rough.”

Another added: “That salad is sadder than my life.”

Credit: Reddit

Many questioned what the dish was described as on the menu, as they wanted to know whether it was mentioned that it’s just tomatoes with a sliver of onion.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time that someone has been left disappointed by food they’ve received on their travels.

A vegan mum was horrified when she received her plant-based £9.99 breakfast at a family trip to Center Parcs, as it wasn’t up to her expectations and seemed “pretty small”.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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