Customer Slams “Pathetic” £8.25 Ham & Cheese Toastie At Heathrow

A customer has expressed complete outrage at their “pathetic” ham and cheese sandwich they purchased at Heathrow Airport. 

Hannah Bennett has gone viral for criticising a restaurant at Heathrow Airport for charging £8.25 for a toastie that she described as “pathetic.”

She posted the picture of the toastie on social media. This showed how measly and lacking any type of garnish the sandwich actually looked. Instead, it just had a stick skewering the sandwich together – which made for a rather tragic looking meal. 

She captioned the post: “A ham and cheese toasties costing £8.25 at the Prince of Wales pub in Heathrow terminal four departures.

“Pathetic excuse for a meal. Not personally sure what the stick is doing as it’s not structural.”

Credit: Hannah Bennett

Many users from the page RateMyPlate agreed that the meal was a travesty for the price and quality.

One commented: “Oh wow. I wouldn’t even embarrass myself by serving that! Shame on them. Hope you got a refund.”

Whilst another said: “Daylight robbery. Gatwick’s not far off the same either.”

Hannah later shared that for the price, she had been expecting some type of salad or chips alongside the sandwich. 

In total, the 37-year-old’s meal totalled £55,70, which included her husband’s meal too. 

On TripAdvisor, the people seem to feel exactly the same way about their service at The Prince of Wales pub, as it has extremely poor ratings – averaging out at just three stars. 

One reviewer shared that they had paid £16.95 for a meal which included just two bacon meal sandwiches. 

A spokesman for the Heathrow restaurant stated: ‘We are disappointed to hear that certain customers were not satisfied with their experience in one of our sites. We will be looking into these specific comments.’ 

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.