Cyclists Face ‘Life In Prison’ Over ‘Serious Offence’

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Cyclists ‘could face life in prison’ for committing a ‘serious offence’ in the next two years, a celebrity solicitor has suggested.

Nick Freeman, aka ‘Mr Loophole’, has helped stars such as David Beckham, Jimmy Carr and Jeremy Clarkson worm their way out of driving bans and fines in recent years.

Campaigning for tougher rules for cyclists, he told LadBible: “I have petitioned the government to have complete parity, so if you’re a cyclist and you kill someone whilst you’re cycling dangerously, you face the potential of life imprisonment.

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“If you cause someone serious injury while cycling dangerously, then you receive a lengthy custodial sentence, and if you injure someone seriously while cycling without due care and attention, again, there’s a custodial sentence, potentially, to follow.

“I think it will be debated in Parliament. And I think there’s a huge wealth of support for trying to make the roads safer.

“I think, hopefully, being realistic, [new laws will come into effect] probably in a couple of years.”

Mr Freeman also wants cyclists to be identifiable – after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested licence plates – allowing them to be tracked down if involved in an accident.

In agreement with Shapps, he also says cyclists should have to be fully insured when sharing the roads with motor vehicles.

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He continued: “What I would do with children is say any children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult who has a licence.

“[Cyclists should be] 100 per cent insured and I’d have a mandated requirement for a helmet and a high vis jacket or vest.

“I’d also make sure that the cycles are fit for purpose, so every year you have a very quick check to make sure any bike over three years old or something is fit for the road.”

He then suggested pedestrians should also harbour some responsibility.

“What I would say is no jaywalking.

“If you’re in a city, you cross designated places, like they do in America.

“And I would also say you cannot cross a road while you’re on your phone, while you’re using your phone, or while listening to music.”

“I’d have civil enforcement officers, and I’d find them £100 on the spot, and people would think, ‘There’s just no point, is there?’

“And they’ll look after the kids as well, because if the kids do it, the parents will pay the fine.”

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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