Dad Receives Backlash For Excluding Class Bully From Daughter’s Birthday Party

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A dad has received a backlash for excluding the class bully from his daughter’s birthday party. 

The man took to the Reddit forum Am I The Ass**** to ask whether or not it was unreasonable for him to make sure his child’s bully wasn’t invited to join the celebrations. 

He explained: “A lot of the parents have been complaining about him because he’s a huge bully to the other kids and gets benched (basically a time out) a lot during recess. I’ve had talks with the teacher because he made my daughter cry after teasing her constantly about her mum.

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A dad has received backlash for excluding the class bully from his daughter’s birthday party. Credit: Pexel

“I was p*****, her teacher promised that they’re going to be handling the situation with Nick and keep him away from my daughter.

“Supposedly they’ve had many talks with the mum but all she seems to do is baby the kid. He hasn’t bothered my daughter since my talk with the teacher.

“So for my daughter’s birthday, she decided to invite almost everyone in the class. Obviously except for Nick.”

However, this caused trouble for his seven-year-old daughter when she was handing out invitations at lunchtime and the boy was left crying. 

The dad continued: “His mum confronted me after school when I was picking her up. I guess he was crying that he didn’t get an invitation.

“I had my daughter wait in the car and this lady was giving me hell for excluding her son when this could’ve been a chance for him to finally get along with his classmates.

“I told her, the lady, he had months to do that (or her to teach him to), this is their last week of school.

“Bit too late to be trying to make friends now with how he was treating all the kids, especially my daughter. She just kept saying I should be ashamed of myself for not taking this opportunity to teach my daughter a valuable lesson on learning compassion.

“It was just a really intense encounter but in the end, I still refused to give an invitation since my daughter said she doesn’t want Nick at her party.”

The child was upset he wasn’t invited to the birthday party. Credit: Unsplash

Following the boy’s reaction, the dad is questioning whether or not he’s done the right thing. 

However, he’s received plenty of support from his fellow Reddit users. 

One user responded: “Under other circumstances, I’d say it would be rude to not invite him, but this boy has been teasing your daughter and her friends all year.

“His mum has refused to punish him for his behaviour (that we know of) and now wants you and your daughter to forgive and forget. That’s ridiculous.”

Others said he shouldn’t have let his child hand out the invitations in front of the child who wasn’t invited.

They said: “I was ready to say yes you are, but you’re not the one who is being unfair to Nick, his mother is.

“Still, you might have found a way to make these invitations outside of school. You have a right to invite who you want to your home but you also created a situation where everyone became aware of it at school, and despite his behaviour I think it’s good to respect the division.”

In disagreement, a third penned: “I think it’s actually a pretty cruel move to exclude the seven-year-old from receiving an invitation in class (different than excluding him from the party). He’s not old enough to understand the difference and how it’s a consequence and you are passing that on to the teacher to explain and soothe him.”

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