Dad Creates ‘Stick Library’ From Old Tree Branches So Local Dogs Can Play With Them At The Park!

A dad has created a ‘Stick Library’ from old tree branches so that local dogs can play with them at the park – how adorable!

Andrew Taylor had a genuine love for dogs and one day he was chopping excess branches from his yard when he realised he could put the sticks to good use.

The 59-year-old knew that plenty of dogs were often taken to the local park for their walks and thought it would be a fantastic idea to make a Stick Library where dogs could borrow sticks to play with.

Based in Kaiapoi, New Zealand, Andrew knew that the idea would not only be appreciated by the doggos but the owners too.

To create the Stick Library, Andrew hacked off excess branches and they cut them up into convenient size pieces for dogs to use.

He then placed them in a handcrafted wooden box with the following instructions: ‘Stick Library: Please Return.’

After completing the project, Andrew took the handcrafted box to the local park so the animals and owners could take full advantage!

To make everyone aware of the new park accessories, Andrew and his daughter also decided to host a small neighboured get together.

In total, the gathering involved over 50 dogs and their owners, according to Good News Network.

The day was a delight for everyone, as owners and their pets took part in long games of fetch!

Andrew’s daughter pitched in with how great the simple idea was that her dad had thought of, saying: “As people started to arrive, there was the disbelief of how simple the idea was, but it’s one of those ideas no one had thought of. All the dog owners appreciate it, as they all have experienced the ‘good stick search’, which isn’t always fruitful. It’s an idea that just makes sense to them.”

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.