Dad Pulls Child Out Of $54k Private School Over ‘Woke’ Lessons About ‘White Privilege’

Dad removes child from school due to 'woke' teachings.
Dad removes child from school due to 'woke' teachings. Credit: Fox News

A dad has removed his child from a private school in New York over the ‘woke’ lessons being taught there.

Harvey Goldman and his family have relocated to Florida as he disapproved of the curriculum in the city. 

In an interview with Fox News, he said the final straw was when his fourth-grade daughter was told she has ‘white privilege’ and she was being made to feel ‘bad about the colour of her skin’. 

You can watch a TV debate about ‘woke’ school curriculums below… 

“They are teaching these kids terrible things,” he told Tucker Carlson. “Teaching them to feel bad about themselves and it is really awful.”

He added: “I’ve gotten quite a few calls from parents of the school and they are pulling their kids out.

“They are not happy about what is being taught to their children.

“I’m not sure what else they could do but teach the school lesson by pulling their kids out. And getting their money out.”

According to the parent, his child was being taught critical race theory (CRT) at the $54k-per-year school. 

CRT is a theoretical subject that analyses society and examines how it is dominated by white supremacy. In the course, systematic racism is investigated, as well as looking at how people are ‘oppressed’ based on their race. 

When Goldman was asked why other parents haven’t followed suit, he said he believes many are oblivious to what the teachings involve. 

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“I think a lot of them are unaware about how bad this really is and what they are teaching the kids in these schools,” he said.

“And also, if you are in New York, it’s really difficult to find another place to go because so many schools are teaching this critical race theory.

“And they are together in this. Someplace like Florida, never heard of it.”

Since moving states, the American said he’s much happier with the education his child is receiving. 

He continued: “The schools never heard of critical race theory. They don’t teach critical race theory. They don’t know about it. 

“These children go to a park and they want to play. They don’t care what color the other kids are. They care that they are having fun.”

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