Mum, 27, Killed While Trying To Conquer Her Fear Of Flying

A 27-year-old mum has tragically died while trying to conquer her fear of flying.
Credit: Facebook

A 27-year-old mum was tragically killed while trying to conquer her fear of flying.

Being scared of heights and flying are probably two of the most common fears.

Up to 40 per cent of Americans have admitted they don’t like the idea of flying, according to The Guardian.

Some people tend to try and fight their fears, but unfortunately for one woman who attempted to conquer her fear of flying, her story ended in tragedy.

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Tributes have been pouring in on social media, with one person penning: “May she rest in peace and may her family find peace as well. Hopefully, all lived a good life filled with love and laughter.”

“So sorry and I’m sure the family is devastated. My heart goes out to the family,” writes someone else.

A third says: “Very tragic, condolences to the family. RIP.”

Daniela Barrios, 27, had told family and friends that she was attempting to overcome her fear of flying.

In her final social media post, she wrote: “Join me on my crazy things. Let’s overcome a fear.”

Daniela Barrios
Daniela Barrios tragically died while attempting to overcome her fear of flying. Credit: Facebook

El Colombiano reports that Barrios was involved in a paragliding accident in her hometown of Dosquebradas.

She and the pilot, who has yet to be named, took off from the El Castillo mountain range in the Calarcá region on Saturday afternoon.

According to local media, she was travelling in a glider run by the Quindío al Límite company.

Authorities are still investigating how she died. However, according to an emergency call made to the police, it’s suspected that the chair she was in slipped – which supposedly led to her falling about 200m onto the forest below near the Pradera Alta trail.

The pilot was unable to stop and had to continue the ride, but later directed authorities to her rough location.

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A search and rescue mission was launched around 3pm and concluded around midnight when firefighters located Barrios’ body – where she was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, paragliding experts have shared that it is ‘practically impossible for them to break or come off’ and have speculated that the passenger may not have been properly attached to the glider, as per

The outlet also adds that Captain Javier Arconde Rodríguez, speaking on behalf of the Calarcá Fire Department, revealed to the media there was no seat found next to her body.

Barrios had studied fashion design and ran her own lingerie business.

She is survived by her seven-year-old son.

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