Danish Mum’s ‘Insane’ Bump Photo Goes Viral

Credit: @filippaophelia/Instagram

A Danish mum’s ‘insane’ baby bump has gone viral on social media. 

Michella Meier-Morsi – who gave birth to triplets Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel earlier this month – has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram for her 260,000 followers ever since she found out she was expecting.

But fans just could not get over the size of her stomach.

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The Danish mum's 'insane' baby bump has gone viral on social media. 
The Danish mum’s bump photos have gone viral. Credit: @filippaophelia/Instagram

Over on one particular picture, a follower said: “I gave birth to my daughter at week 37, she weighed 2270g and the idea that you run around with three pieces in that size!”

A second enthused: “I’m simply so impressed with your stomach and that you can stand up straight!”

“The female body is absolutely amazing,” a third commented. “Good luck now.”

A fourth joined in, saying: “I’m speechless! You, my dear, are a SUPERHERO!”

Before giving birth, Meier-Morsi admitted to followers that she was in ‘extreme pain’ and was feeling ‘overwhelmed’ at the thought of her triplets’ arrival.

Later on, on January 16, she confirmed the boys had arrived and described it as being the ‘wildest 36 hours’.

At the time, she explained: “The birth went much better than feared. I got it bad along the way, but it was not nearly as bad as last time.

“The caesarean section is not bothersome – unless I have to cough, sneeze or (God forbid) vomit.”

Meier-Morsi then told followers that she’s ‘nervous’ about how her body will heal following the traumatic pregnancy.

She said it would ‘be exciting and nerve-racking to see how my body plans to heal’.

However, she did point out that there have already been some ‘changes,’ adding: “It has already become significantly smaller – but it is heavy and incredibly painful.”

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