Reason Danny DeVito Lost His Twitter Verification Revealed

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The reason Danny DeVito lost his Twitter verification has been revealed. 

The actor’s account was temporarily unverified after he made it clear he supported the Nabisco workers on strike.

It all started when the bakery chain’s union workers began to protest against potential contract changes and DeVito shared his thoughts on the matter.

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He tweeted: “Support Nabisco workers striking for humane working hours, fair pay, outsourcing jobs.


Hours later, some of his most attentive followers noticed that his blue tick had vanished.

Confused, one person asked the star: “Did Twitter strip you of your blue check for this tweet?”

Another added: “I’m a little flummoxed. Is it against the terms of service to talk about strikes on Twitter?”

“Danny, I would like to support your cause but I really can’t do that unless you’re verified. Please get verified,” a third penned.

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Danny Devito
Danny DeVito had his Twitter verification temporarily removed. Credit: CBS

According to Twitter’s terms and conditions, an account will lose its blue tick if it has ‘repeated violation of the Twitter rules’.

Nabisco, where Oreo biscuits and Ritz crackers are made, has had workers striking at its Oregon, Virginia, and Illinois sites.

According to reports, workers are being told it may be mandatory to work on the weekends but with no extra pay, amongst other changes.

Protesting the move, Mike Burlingham told Today Food: “This fight is about maintaining what we already have.

“During the pandemic, we all were putting in a lot of hours, demand was higher, people were at home, and the snack food industry did phenomenally well.

“Mondelez made record profits and they want to thank us by closing two of the U.S. bakeries (last month) and telling the rest of us we have to take concessions, what kind of thanks is that?

“We make them a lot of money. It’s very disheartening. How is that supposed to make us feel?”

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