Taxi Driver Claims Dunkin’ Donuts Refused To Serve Her Because She’s Deaf

A taxi driver who tried to buy a drink from Dunkin' Donuts claims she was refused service because she's deaf. 
Credit: @shannon_heroux/TikTok

A taxi driver who tried to buy a drink from Dunkin’ Donuts claims she was refused service because she’s deaf. 

Shannon Heroux took to TikTok to share a tearful video about the alleged incident which she says happened in Encino, California.

In the clip, she says she is at a ‘breaking point’ as a deaf person coping with the pandemic, and claims all she wanted to do was ‘order a peach passionfruit tea’.

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Deaf Taxi Driver
Shannon Heroux claims the company has reached out to her. Credit: Unsplash

Explaining what happened, Heroux said: “I called this girl over, told her I was deaf, that I’d have to read her lips. She didn’t take her mask off.

“She got her manager, and I could just tell by his body language, by his face, he was going off.

“He refused to write anything down. He refused to pull his mask down, we were six feet apart.”

Heroux usually wears a cochlear implant to help her hear but wasn’t wearing it on this occasion.

@shannon_herouxI was refused service at a Dunkin Donuts because I’m deaf. I want to spread awareness on how this is not okay. Part one of the video. 💔♬ original sound – shannon_heroux

She emotionally told her followers: “We (people with hearing impairments) struggle so much during this pandemic. Enough is enough.

“I shouldn’t have to go through this, no deaf person should have to. I’m at my breaking point.”

The video has almost 6million views and followers were quick to offer their support, with many tagging Dunkin’ Donuts and telling them to do something about the incident.

Heroux posted a follow-up video in which she announced that the franchise owner has since reached out to her to apologise. Apparently, they plan on meeting to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

The Uber driver is also set to return to the store so the manager can apologise.

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