Deaf Woman Finds ‘Horrible’ Note On ‘Receipt From Café’

Deaf Woman Receipt: A TikToker has claimed that she found a 'horrible' note on her 'receipt from a café'. 
Credit: @ashley_deafvibe/TikTok

A deaf woman has claimed that she found a ‘horrible’ note on her ‘receipt from a café’. 

Ashley, who goes by the TikTok username @ashley_deafvibe, has gone viral after sharing a video about what supposedly happened to her when she visited Dutch Bros.

In a clip to her followers, the woman said: “Many of you guys know that I am deaf and I read lip. My voice is not perfect.

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The deaf woman has claimed she found a ‘horrible’ note on her receipt. Credit: @ashley_deafvibe/TikTok

“I went to go try this place out for the first time. Today, I went to go order a drink and it was a little bit awkward, it was a little bit, you know, trying to order a drink at a new place I haven’t been to.”

She continued: “When I get to the window I get the wrong order. I want to say this on TikTok, for workers to have a lot of patience with people with disabilities.

“We are like you, we try to order food and stuff like that like everyone else. When I get the receipt, this, ouch. It says, ‘The most difficult customer ever’.”

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Social media users shared their outrage at what had allegedly happened, with one saying: “So sorry this happened to you. I would love for you to come to see me at @texasroadhouse here in Waco and have an amazing meal/service on me!”

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” commented another. “Please keep us posted if there’s an update.”

According to KWTX, the company released a statement about the alleged incident.

It read: “The experience the customer had was deeply disappointing, unacceptable and against everything Dutch Bros stands for.

“We’ve addressed this incident internally and have reached out to the customer.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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