Demi Lovato Celebrates ‘Duality’ And Updates Pronouns On Instagram

Demi Lovato 'Duality': The star has got a new inking after changing their pronouns on Instagram.
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Demi Lovato has celebrated ‘duality’ with a new tattoo, after updating their pronouns to ‘they/them/she/her’ on Instagram.

The singer, who came out as non-binary last year, took to the social media platform and revealed that they have a new inking that reads ‘Fear’ and ‘Love’ written on their right and left collarbone.

Apparently, they were inked by celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo, who styled it in a Gothic-style font.

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In the story debuting their latest inkings, Lovato simply said: “Duality.”

The move comes after the star announced that they identified by ‘they/them’ last year.

Around the same time, they acknowledged that there may be a time when their identity changes.

They reportedly said: “There might be a time where I identify as trans.

“I don’t know what this looks like for me. There might be a time where I identify as non-binary and gender-nonconforming my entire life. Or maybe there’s a period of time when I get older that I identify as a woman, I don’t know what that looks like, but for me, in this moment right now, this is how I identify.”

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Supposedly, they began to accept their identity ‘during quarantine,’ as they began practising meditation.

When opening up to fellow singer Becky G on her Facebook series, they explained: “I started learning so much about myself during quarantine. I started meditating and I had meditated in the years before but nothing like what happened in quarantine.

“When I started assessing my spiritually, I realised my masculine energy was just as prominent as my feminine energy. I came to the conclusion, [that] I identify as non-binary and gender non-conforming.”

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