Demi Moore’s Full Frontal Scene In New Horror Film Branded ‘Grossest Thing You’ll See All Year’

Demi Moore's full frontal scene in the new horror film The Substance has been branded 'the grossest thing you'll see all year'.
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Demi Moore’s full frontal scene in a brand new horror film has been branded the ‘grossest thing you’ll see all year’. 

Moore, 61, first gained attention on daytime TV before breaking out as a film star in the ’80s. She’s known for movies such as Ghost, Indecent Proposal, and Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle.

She’s also made headlines for high-profile relationships with ex-husbands Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

And now, everyone’s talking about her latest role and one scene in particular…

The Substance (2024).
Demi Moore’s unclothed scene in a new horror film has shocked viewers. Credit: MUBI

Over on X, formerly Twitter, people are saying they can’t wait to watch it – with the trailer, unlike many, giving little away.

One curious person writes: “Mindbending. This looks really good.”

Another adds: “So excited for this.”

“Something about the description of this movie combined with this brief cryptic trailer leads me to believe this will be a masterpiece,” comments somebody else.

A fourth says: “Omg, I need more.”

The Substance (2024).
Viewers are being warned to bring a ‘barf bag’ when watching the movie. Credit: MUBI

The horror film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week and according to Deadline, it received a 13-minute standing ovation, with much praise directed at Moore.

The film follows fading celebrity Elizabeth (Moore) who decides to use a black-market drug that temporarily creates a younger version of herself called Sue – played by Margaret Qualley.

A gruesome scene shows both women unclothed as the clone attempts to sew up Elizabeth’s back.

The film unfolds into a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-inspired narrative, exploring themes of ageism, beauty, and societal pressures on women to engage in self-criticism.

The Substance (2024).
Demi Moore has addressed the controversy surrounding The Substance. Credit: MUBI

The Substance, directed by Coralie Fargeat, is receiving rave reviews from critics.

Daily Beast‘s Esther Zuckerman says that while Moore looks ‘amazing’ in her unclothed scene, the movie is still the ‘grossest thing you will see all year’.

She adds: “Come prepared though. You might need a barf bag.”

Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian describes it to be a ‘grisly fantasy-parable of misogyny and body-objectification’.

BBC film critic Nicholas Barber is issuing a further warning to fans: “Anyone with a fear of needles should avoid The Substance at all costs.”

The Substance (2024).
The Substance has a high Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb score. Credit: MUBI

The Substance currently has a Tomatometer score of 93% and an IMDb score of 7.9/10.

Moore has addressed the attention surrounding the controversial new horror.

During a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, the 61-year-old said (via Mirror): “Going into it, it was really spelt out – the level of vulnerability and rawness that was really required to tell the story.

“And it was a very vulnerable experience and just required a lot of sensitivity and a lot of conversation about what we were trying to accomplish.”

The Substance will reportedly be released in cinemas but a date has not yet been confirmed.

Watch the trailer for The Substance here…

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