Dental Hygienist Explains Why You Should Share A Toothbrush With Your Family

A dental hygienist is going viral after explaining why you should share a toothbrush with your family.
Credit: @jesspotter_xx/TikTok & Alamy

A dental hygienist is going viral after explaining why you should share a toothbrush with your family. 

Jess Potter, who has starred in the UK’s reality TV show Married at First Sight, is a dental hygienist who likes to share her tips and advice on TikTok.

She has more than 47,000 followers on the platform, where many ask her how to keep their teeth pearly white.

Due to the cost of living crisis, Potter has been sharing the most affordable ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy – and this includes having just one toothbrush for the whole family.

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In the video, which has been viewed over 45,000 times, Potter says: “Do you know that you can share a toothbrush to save money?”

The dental hygienist then goes on to say that this is something she advises patients to do a lot, as it’s super easy.

She continues: “I always recommend getting an electric toothbrush, but I know at the moment with everything that’s going on, it’s a struggle with money.”

But it’s not your regular kind of toothbrush that Potter recommends you share with the family.

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“That means with an electric toothbrush,” she explains.

“You can have one handle and multiple heads. You can have one each and just interchange them.”

Many people have taken to the comments and shared that they’re already taking this advice on board.

One person writes: “I do this, I can’t afford to buy four electric toothbrushes, so we all have our own heads with a different coloured band at the bottom.”

Another adds: “We do this in my house, thought it was normal.”

Jess Potter
The dental hygienist is going viral after explaining why you should share a toothbrush with your family. Credit: @jesspotter_xx/TikTok

While a third viewer says: “My family has been doing this for the past 20 years.”

“An amazing idea!” somebody else gushes.

A fifth person comments: “My mum and I do this.”

However, not everyone agrees this is a good idea, with one person commenting: “That’s a big NO NO.

“I don’t care about not having enough money, get your own toothbrush. Toothbrushes a pack for 6 bucks. Like this is dirty.”

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In agreement, a second person says: “I struggle sharing cutlery, it’s a no from me!”

A third viewer writes: “Different head or not, that’s nasty as hell.”

Since Potter’s video has gone, she’s chatted with the New York Post about her advice, and how patients ‘love’ it.

She adds: “I just thought this would be an amazing way to ‘share a toothbrush’ without actually doing so.”

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