Derek Chauvin’s Violent History In The Police Has Been Revealed

Derek Chauvin's violent history has been revealed.
Credit: Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Derek Chauvin’s violent history has been revealed, days after the former officer was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

According to CNN, the 45-year-old, who is currently being held in solitary confinement, had 18 complaints filed against him with the Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal affairs.

The first incident happened in 2006 when Chauvin and five other officers apparently shot and killed a man who had stabbed his girlfriend.

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Derek Chauvin's voilent history has been revealed.
Credit: Splash.

In 2008, it was reported that he shot a man who had been suspected of a domestic dispute. However, the man survived.

Fast-forward to 2011 and it’s been documented that he was placed on a three-day leave, along with four other officers, for another non-fatal shooting.

CNN reports that only two of the 18 complaints against Chauvin were ‘closed with discipline’.

Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd by a jury earlier this week. It will be another eight weeks before he is sentenced.

According to Minnesota guidelines, the minimum sentence he will receive is 12.5 years.

As he was charged with second-degree murder, he could end up serving the maximum penalty of 40 years.

Currently, he is being held at Oak Park Heights, which is a maximum-security prison, and he is only allowed to leave his cell for an hour a day for exercise.

A spokesperson recently told the press: “Administrative segregation is used when someone’s presence in the general population is a safety concern.

“There are 41 people in the ACU and cells are monitored by cameras with corrections officers also doing rounds at least every 30 minutes.

“He’ll have on average an hour a day out of his cell for exercise (alone). Meals are delivered to his cell.

“He is in a single cell and will not have contact with other incarcerated people.”

Featured image credit: Minnesota Department of Corrections/Splash.

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