‘Disaster Haircut’ Leaves Woman In Tears

A woman has been left in tears following a 'disaster haircut,' which she has opened up about on TikTok.
Credit: @rosaamazapan/TikTok

A woman has been left in tears following a ‘disaster haircut,’ which she has opened up about on TikTok.

Beauty Influencer Rosa Mazapan uploaded a video on the social media site explaining to her 4700 followers what happened.

In the post, she said: “I never record myself crying because I don’t get why people do that and I think it’s f***ing weird, but here I am, crying, because I’ve had the worst f***ing haircut of my f***ing life.

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Rosa Mazapan
This woman has been left in tears following a ‘disaster haircut,’ which she has opened up about on TikTok.Credit: @rosaamazapan/TikTok

Mazapan explained that the haircut was a treat after she passed an exam.

She added: “Yesterday I had an exam, and I was like, ‘Reward yourself because you did really well on that exam,’ and this is my f***ing reward. This is my f***ing reward? How do I fix this? Oh my gosh.

“I take good care of my hair. I’m a good person. Why? Why did this happen? Why did nobody stop her? What is this?

“This is my hair styled. She styled it! I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like holy s***, my self-esteem is about to f***ing plummet. Do you guys see this? Please tell me you see this. What did I do to deserve this?”

@rosaamazapan Sorry for the ugly crying and the cussing but mostly sorry for letting you guys see this terrible haircut! Tag @Brad Mondo!#worsthaircutever #haircutfail #howdoifixthis #fml #badhairday #CVSPaperlessChallenge #hairdisaster #bradmondo #viralhaircutfail #salonfail #bradmondosaveme ♬ original sound – rosaamazapan

The video has gone viral and gained a lot of support in the comment section.

One person replied: “I’m so sorry this happened! What kind of cut did you ask for? I’m a stylist and I’m so confused how another stylist could do you like this.

Another commented: “Just keep reminding yourself that you did nothing wrong. Someone did this to you. It is not your fault. It’s not something you deserve.”

A third TikToker said: “I don’t think it’s that bad honestly. it’s kind of cute even.”

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