Disney Fans In Uproar After Spotting ‘Inappropriate’ Scene In ‘Hercules’

Disney fans have spotted an inappropriate scene in Hercules. 
Credit: Disney

Disney fans are in uproar after spotting an inappropriate scene in Hercules

It all started when a TikToker posted a clip on the platform pointing out how there is a shot of several statues depicting assault when Megara sings ‘I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)’.

@elldramaticaromantic captioned their post: “Woah, hold on! So I never noticed this before, but in Hercules, in the part where she says I won’t say I’m in love, there’s a part where she says ‘I thought my heart had learned its lesson’. 

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Disney fans have spotted an ‘inappropriate’ scene in Hercules. Credit: @elldramaticaromantic/TikTok

“The statues she [Megara] passes by – these aren’t love scenes, these are assault scenes from Greek mythology like…no wonder she’s trying to be cautious.

“I never noticed this.”

So far, the TikToker’s clip has been viewed a whopping 665,000 times and many have taken to the comments to share their thoughts. 

@elldramaticaromanticPaying more attention to the art in Hercules and oh my gosh. ? ##hercules ##greekmythology ##disney ##iwontsayiminlove ##megara♬ original sound – elldramaticaromantic

“Nice catch!” one person commented. “That first one [statue] on the right looks like a version of the statue ‘Apollo and Daphne’  by Bernini. It’s definitely not a love story.”

Another added: “I’m pretty sure the statues went over so many kids’ heads in the 90s.”

“I need to pay attention to older Disney movies now,” a third said. 

But other viewers said they still love Hercules and they’d continue to watch the iconic movie, as the statues are just reflective of Greek mythology. 

One TikToker pointed out: “I mean… that’s Greek mythology for you. I can only name Hades as the most loyal to his wife.”

Hercules is based on Greek mythology. Credit: Disney

Hercules isn’t the only Disney classic to be called out recently.

Last month, Disneyland unveiled its updated Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ride which now includes Prince Charming kissing the princess.

However, many have argued it promotes a lack of consent.

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