Disney Princess Entertainer Saves Kids’ Birthday Parties Which Have Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

An ex-Disney princess entertainer wanted to cheer up kids who had had their birthday parties cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown, so she decided to bring joy to countless children by entertaining them over Facetime instead. 

Disney princess entertainer Megan-Leigh Boatman has brought joy to countless children by entertaining them over Facetime as their birthday parties have been cancelled due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The 24-year-old was spurred to bring some happiest to these kids when she saw a Facebook post by a heartbroken mum who said her little girl was absolutely devastated as her fourth birthday party had been cancelled.

The beautician, who had worked as a children’s entertainer but due to ill health had to leave her dream job, wanted to “cheer them up” and so set about bringing some fairytale magic to these children’s special days during the COVID-19 home isolation.

Megan from Basildon, Essex, decided to write a post on Facebook in which she would offer her children’s entertaining services over Facetime and it has since been shared over 1,000 times. She now has over 100 Facetime calls booked in.

Credit: Megan-Leigh Boatman

She explained to Mirror: “With everything going on in the world right now, I’ve decided to dust off my tiara and do what I love most.

“Being a princess and making children smile. Tonight I see a mum’s plea for a princess to FaceTime her daughter on her birthday.

“This little girl has had to cancel her birthday party twice because of the recent COVID-19 virus. I feel so sorry for the little girl but I’m extremely happy I’m able to brighten her birthday on Sunday.

“It got me thinking about all the other little children missing out on their birthday parties or even children feeling a little low and needing their spirits lifted.

“So, If anyone is in need of a princess FaceTime please message me as I would love to help as much as I can over the next few weeks/months. All I ask for in return is a small donation.”

Credit: Megan-Leigh Boatman

Megan has previously worked as a Disney princess, where she would entertain at children’s birthday parties. However, she was forced to give up her dream job due to ill health – instead, she chose to work in the beauty industry.

She said: “Everyone that knows me knows the last 17 months have been very hard for me due to ill health. I thought I’d be able to get back to work and normal pain-free life once I had surgery, but it has had to be postponed until things improve in the world.

“But I’m now able to do something I love from the comfort of my own home without causing too much strain and pain on myself.”

Megan said that unfortunately “running around after 30 children wasn’t doable”, so the fact that she can offer this service is amazing whilst she is still at home but still managing to bring joy to children.

Credit: Megan-Leigh Boatman

She added: “I’ve found it really tough being unable to work and have had to make a lot of life-changing choices along the way.

“So I’m really excited to be able to run princess FaceTime from the comfort of my own home.”

Last Friday after her post went viral, the real-life princess began the Facetime calls to surprise children on their birthdays and she commented that one little girl was so impressed by her chat with Cinderella that she sent over a handwritten letter for Megan to respond to.

Megan said: “Most of the children are talking about having to stay at home so I tell them I also have to stay at home in my castle to keep safe.

“I called a four-year-old little boy dressed as Elsa from Frozen and now he is going around telling his friends I’m his girlfriend while another little girl told me I am her best friend and she has invited me over for a tea party when the nasty virus has gone.”

One little girl Megan spoke to was also poorly with chickenpox and she described “so brave, sweet and loving every minute of her chat with Cinderella”.

Credit: Megan-Leigh Boatman

The entertainer said the children appear to have been ecstatic about her service, she said: “Their reactions have been amazing. They’ve all been so happy and the smiles on their faces really makes it so rewarding.

“One little girl showed me all her Lego creations and another asked if I have to clean all my castle by myself. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the FaceTimes I’ve got booked in.”

Now that Megan has been able to put her ‘rewarding’ job back to use again, she said that it is lovely to find something positive during the coronavirus outbreak.

She stated: “I’m overwhelmed with the reaction it has had. I wasn’t expecting it to spread as well as it has.

“It’s made me so happy and given me something to focus on during this awful time! I’m glad I can play a tiny part in spreading some happiness around.

‘I only thought I’d have a few messages and be able to brighten up a few kids’ days but, it’s gone crazy. I’m glad a small gesture like this can bring a lot of happiness.”

In the space of 24 hours, Megan claims she received over 50 messages asking for her to dress up as Ariel from Little Mermaid, Elsa from Frozen, Cinderella and more, which has meant she’s had to schedule 100 video calls over the next few weeks.

Credit: Megan-Leigh Boatman

She added: “This will hopefully cheer up so many children. It’ll give them something magical to remember during this crisis. They’ll be able to tell all their family and friends about it and it will hopefully lift their spirits.”

So many little girls and boys were in awe and delight over chatting to their favourite Disney princesses and Megan’s social media page now had several excited reactions from children.

One enthusiastic customer wrote: “Just want to say a big thank you to Meg (Elsa) who video called Catherine for her birthday! Catherine was so excited to speak to Elsa! Such a special and kind thing to do.”

Another commented: “Darcie had the shock of her life when Ariel FaceTimed her this morning. I honestly can’t rate Meg enough. Darcie is still smiling.”

Megan says that she has asked for a small donation but has insisted “anything is appreciated” during this difficult time. She just wants to do this to cheer children up whilst they are stuck at home and their reactions have made it completely worth it.

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