Disneyland Paris Is Set To Have An Avengers-themed Land

Disneyland Paris has announced it is set to have an Avengers-themed land, making it one more reason to visit the theme park. 

It’s time to assemble all your Avenger loving friends, Disneyland Paris is set to have a brand new Avengers campus at the beloved theme park.

What could be more exciting than being on the lookout for your superhero idols such as Ant-Man and Doctor Strange?

Concept art for Spiderman-themed ride. 

For the first time in a Disney park (excluding the ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida) there will be a ride which features Spider-Man. You’ll be able to join Peter Parker on an adventure, tackling Spider-Bots that are running riot with your new ability to blast out webs.

A second attraction will allow riders to fly alongside the Avengers in a Quinjet to Wakanda. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not this will be a rollercoaster, as it has been described as “an all-new ride system”.

Concept art of Pym Test Kitchen. 

Of course, after having tried out all the cool new rides you would probably fancy something to eat. With the Pym Test Kitchen, a new restaurant, you’ll be able to try out Pym Particles which make food bigger or smaller… How futuristic is that!?

Concept art for Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

It appears Disneyland Paris are thinking of all our greatest desires, which has also announced that a new hotel will be opening in summer 2020.

The Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will be a celebration of all things Marvel, with over 300 pieces of art on display.

Each room will be dedicated to the world of Marvel, with unique themed suites available that are tributes to iconic heroes such as Iron Man.

Concept art for Spiderman-themed ride. 

However, the Avengers Campus will not just be available at Disneyland Paris.

The campus is also set to open in 2020 at Disney’s California theme park, Disney California Adventure Park.

As reported by ComicBook, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, Bob Chapek said at the D23 Expo: “We’re building an immersive superhero-themed land at Disney California Adventure to enable our guests to join the Avengers to save the world.”

The California campus will feature a few extra perks, the second phase of development is set to make an Avengers Headquarters. These new headquarters will serve as an entrance to the latest E-Ticket attraction, where you’ll stand alongside the Avengers in a heroic battle in Wakanda.

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