Divorce Lawyer Shares Reason ‘Men Should Pay For First Dates’

Divorce Lawyer First Dates: An expert has weighed in on why 'men should pay for the first date'.
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A divorce lawyer has shared the reason why ‘men should pay for first dates’. 

Justin Lee, who describes himself as a ‘break-up lawyer,’ explained that the gesture is not about the money itself, but rather the meaning behind it.

He told his followers: “The issue isn’t tied to the number of dollars that we’re spending at the end of the date; if it is, respectfully, you need to go get a job.

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“The issue is when we end up paying for someone who has this real sense of entitlement, like this expectation that we will pay. That’s precisely why we need to always pay.

“Your date, whoever that is, may very well be the person you end up marrying. And trust me when I say, as a divorce lawyer, who you end up marrying is so, so important.”

Lee continued: “So let’s just say you pull out your wallet at the end of the date and your date just sits there expecting you to pay as if that is the obvious course of action.

“In that moment, you just learned that the person in front of you is entitled and has the audacity to expect a near stranger to pay for them.”

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He concluded that the gesture is a ‘low price’ to pay in order to learn whether a person doesn’t have the ‘basic courtesy’ to offer to pay and you ‘shouldn’t go on another date with them’.

The claims ignited a debate in the comments section, with one user saying: “Ladies should really be selective when dating. If he is crying over a $30 date then he isn’t financially stable and shouldn’t be dating.”

“I expect my spouse to take care of me. I won’t pretend anything,” added a second.

However, a third said: “You just gave a very non-gender specific life lesson about looking for entitled and greedy people. And everyone just turned it into something else.”

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