Dobby The House Elf’s Grave May Be ‘Removed From Site’

Dobby the House Elf's grave may be 'removed from its site' above Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire. 
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Dobby the House Elf’s grave may be ‘removed from its site’ above Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire.

According to reports, National Trust Wales is asking people whether or not they think the plot should be taken away as its popularity is adding ‘additional pressure on the environment and facilities’.

In a Freshwater West survey in reference to ‘future sustainable management,’ respondents reportedly had to make the decision on whether it should be relocated to a ‘suitable publicly accessible location off-site’.

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This survey will be available for members of the public to fill in until May 31.

Harry Potter fan Victoria MacLean told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast that it’s ‘lovely’ to leave socks at the beloved character’s resting spot and fans would simply ‘build another one’ if it was removed.

She explained: “Leaving a fresh sock is lovely but after a while, that sock probably gets covered in all sorts and I can understand the socks.

“But the pebbles, some people have gone to great lengths to paint some of those pebbles, just to leave something in memorial to one of their favourite characters and it is so beautiful to see.

“I think if they took the grave away fans are just going to build another one because there’s millions of them.

“There needs to be something that will please the fans yet keep the beach looking beautiful because it is a stunning beach.”

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As fans know, Dobby is a fictional character in the Harry Potter franchise.

The beloved creature quickly became cherished by fans in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets after he received a sock from the main character, which symbolised that he was officially a ‘free elf’.

Throughout the series, he would prove to be a loyal and kind friend to the teenage wizard as he continued to fight against Voldemort and his evil plans.

Fans were left devastated when watching The Deathly Hallows Part I, as he was killed moments after saving Potter and his friends.

In the elf’s final scene, he was buried underneath the sand near Shell Cottage in Cornwall (a make-believe spot of the franchise).

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