Dog Has Sprained Its Tail By ‘Excessively Wagging’ As Humans Are Always Home During Quarantine

A dog has been so ecstatic that its owners are always home during quarantine that its sprained its tail by ‘excessively wagging’ out of happiness. 

Although many people have been left concerned, upset and anxious over the coronavirus pandemic, Rolo the Dachshund has never loved life more – as his owners are constantly home!

Emma Smith, Rolo’s owner, took to Twitter to share the heartwarming story. She revealed: “So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working, so we went to the vet and the vet said ‘he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it'”.

Currently, Rolo is on pain relief to help ease the ache and should be healed within a few weeks.

Emma added: “He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air.”

As so many found the story wholesome, Rolo’s owner thought it would only be kind to share some absolutely adorable videos of Rolo as he eagerly accepts a good tummy rub. In another video, he is shown to be excessively wagging his tail again – despite how much it must be hurting him! However, it is noticeable that it’s not quite as keen as before, but he still can’t help himself!

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