Dog Owners Put Up Blind Dog For Adoption After Having His Eyes Removed

A blind dog was given up for adoption when his owners decided to have his eyes removed to treat a severe infection which had been left to become worse for a long period of time. The dog’s previous owners are reportedly unwilling to look after a blind and injured animal. 

A three-year-old Labrador/shepherd mix dog called Louis had his eyes removed when his owners didn’t treat his eye infection in time. In addition to this, he was struck by a car which resulted in a broken leg that never healed properly. Unwilling to care for a blind and injured animal, the owners surrendered him.

In late December, Louis was taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

According to the rescuer’s website, Louis’ troubles began when he developed an eye infection which wasn’t treated until it was too late, resulting in both of his eyes having to be removed.

Following this, Louis was struck by a car and broke his leg. Heartbreakingly, he never received proper medical attention for this and it resulted in his leg never healing properly.

Louis’ owners surrendered him to Calexico area shelter as they were “unwilling to care for a blind and injured dog”. Shortly after, he received emergency treatment for his leg.

In the hopes that the blind dog could find a loving forever home, the shelter staff took Louis to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. He would stay there until a suitable home was found, with owners prepared to care for his certain needs, as he is still adjusting to his loss of sight and limp.

Credit: Facebook

The rescue wrote: “Louis was shy and exhausted when he arrived at our Center. However, after just a day in foster care, his tail was wagging!

“His foster mom tells us that Louis loves attention, sunbathing, and other dogs. He has also learned how to navigate his foster home with ease, despite his lack of sight.”

As of January 13, Louis will be looking for a forever home after having weeks of recovery and pampering at his foster home.

Louis’ foster mum said: “Louis needs a mellow home, one story, someone who is home all the time, with another sweet dog. He told me to let you know!”

Helen Woodward told People that the perfect family for Louis will be “prepared to provide patience and special care” as he “learns his way around a new home”.

To make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, the animal centre is even offering a free training session and some dog food for Louis to take with him.

A number of people have already shown their interest in Louis on the Helen Woodward Facebook page.

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