Dog The Bounty Hunter ‘Could Be Charged Over Brian Laundrie Search’

Dog the Bounty Hunter, who has joined the search for Brian Laundrie, could reportedly be charged for searching for the fugitive without a proper license. 
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Dog the Bounty Hunter could reportedly be charged for searching for Brian Laundrie without a proper license. 

The reality TV star is keen to help find Laundrie, who’s been added to the FBI Most Wanted’ list, as authorities want to talk to him about the homicide of Gabby Petito.

According to Mail Online, Florida bounty hunters have argued that Dog’s hunt for Laundrie could enter dangerous territory, as he and general citizens are legally banned from arresting a person – unless the person is caught in the act of a crime.

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Vice President of the Florida Bail Bondsmen Association, Mike Harrison, explained: “That would be kidnapping or false imprisonment.”

This hasn’t stopped the 68-year-old from trying to track Laundrie down and recently he claimed he’d ‘provided evidence’ to the authorities.

The celeb told Fox News’ Fox and Friends that some ‘promising things’ had even turned up.

He claimed: “Friday, we found a makeshift, a very primitive camp that had some promising things around it so we’ve gathered up all those things with gloves and baggies and turned them over yesterday to the FBI.

“We’ve got tips from here to Tennessee and beyond.

“So we are going over those tips today.”

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Brian Laundrie
Dog the Bounty Hunter could be ‘charged over the Brian Laundrie case’. Credit: @bizarre_design_/Instagram

Dog also claimed to Newsmax that he had set up a phone operation service for the case, which had received over 2,000 calls.

“We’re getting calls like crazy,” he said. “I think the success of this bounty hunt is going to be the tip line.”

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