Domino’s Delivery Driver Is Requested To Play A Game By Customers And Is Left In Tears

A group of friends thought it would be a cool idea to invite their Domino’s delivery driver inside the house and challenge him to a game which would get him his payment for the food delivery – this way, he could potentially earn a massive tip. 

As our favourite restaurants have been forced to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever people have begun ordering takeaway food instead.

Despite the risks to their health and potential exposure, delivery drivers have continued to work endless hours and ensure that businesses are kept afloat and people are well fed.

To show their appreciation for this, a group of friends got together and thought it would be a cool idea to devise a game for the Domino’s delivery driver who was expected to arrive with a pizza. They thought it would be fun to have him earn his payment for the food – and possibly get an incredibly generous tip – if he were to participate in a game.

When the delivery driver arrived at the house, a recording of the event shows as the friends gather around the door. The man is invited inside the home and this way he will retrieve the money from the kitchen.

However, the man, who is introduced as Bob, is surprised to find that he has unintentionally found himself participating in a game. On the kitchen countertop, he sees that there are 12 cups arranged in a circle and he is told that he is allowed to flip any six he chooses – whatever is lurking underneath he gets to keep.

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Eager to get started, Bob chooses his first cup and is chuffed to find that there’s a $20 note (£16), this is presumably enough to cover the cost of the pizza he handed over. Therefore, whatever he chooses next will be his tip money.

In the following cups, Bob proceeds to find a $1 and two more $5 notes.

Having been working as a Domino’s delivery driver for 11 years, the man became emotional and expressed that “no one has ever done this before” and he found it heartwarming.

Yet the friends insist that he has to continue and that there is a far greater sum of money to find. Bob then turns over the next cup and is gobsmacked to see a $100 bill. In disbelief, he places his hand on his head and asks: “For real, you guys?”

Before leaving the house, it is clear to see that Bob has been left overwhelmed by the event as he is in tears and is unable to speak. Seeing how much it meant to him, the friends invited him back to take the money from underneath the other cups he hadn’t originally chosen, which meant he was given an additional $83.

Overcome with the happiness from the group of friends’ generosity, he left saying: “Thank you guys so much. You saw me crying guys.

“That is so wonderful, you guys did an awesome thing.”


the 2nd gift got me ?❤️?

Posted by Justin Flom on Saturday, 27 June 2020

The video has since been shared online by Justin Flom and has accumulated millions of views and over 66,000 comments.

Having found the post touching, one person wrote: “Aw, it really made me cry! Such a great way to make someone’s day!”

Another added: “That was such a precious moment! Especially during these trying times. Keep up the good work.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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