Donald Trump Says He’s ‘100 Per Cent’ Running For President In 2024

Donald Trump, who is launching his own social media platform, has revealed he’s ‘100 per cent’ thinking about running for President again in 2024. 

The 74-year-old was speaking to Maria Bartiromo on the Fox Business news channel Mornings With Maria about President Biden’s first 100 days in office when he confirmed the news. 

He told his followers to ‘have faith’ in his Make America Great Again movement as ‘it’s going to happen again’. 

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump wants to run for President in 2024. Credit: HBO via YouTube

He said: “Have courage. It’s going to happen, we are going to turn it around. I am with you.

And the polls show that everybody wants me to do it. One hundred per cent I’m thinking about running, and we will, I think, be very successful.”

Later on in the interview, he was probed about the way he handled the coronavirus pandemic but he insisted ‘we wouldn’t have a vaccine’ if it wasn’t for him. 

He also commented on how Biden’s plans to increase taxes for the wealthy and corporations will have a ‘devastating impact’ on the economy. 

Consistently, polls have shown that the 74-year-old is the leading contender for the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination. 

His followers continue to persist that the 2020 elections were ‘rigged’ and Biden shouldn’t legitimately be the leader of the US. 

However, Biden has brushed aside any talk of Trump running for President again. He said he wants to focus on leading the country instead. 

In a March press conference, he remarked: “Oh, come on. I don’t even think about—I have no idea. I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party. Do you?”

Featured Image Credit: Pexel & HBO via YouTube

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