Moment Donald Trump ‘Storms Off’ Piers Morgan’s New Show After ‘Dishonest’ Comment

Donald Trump Piers Morgan Clash: The moment the ex-president stormed off the journalist's new show has been shared.
Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored via Fox Nation

Donald Trump, who is ‘suing’ Hillary Clinton, can be seen ‘storming off’ Piers Morgan’s new show and ‘calling an end to the interview’ in the first advert released for the programme.  

The former president of the United States called the TV presenter a ‘fool’ before telling the production team to ‘turn the cameras off’ in the teaser for Piers Morgan Uncensored.

It all started when Trump said: “I think I’m a very honest man… Much more honest than you, actually.”

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To which, Morgan asked: “Really?”

“Yeah,” Trump responded.

However, things appeared to turn sour when Morgan said: “It was a free and fair election. [referring to 2020]. You lost.”

Trump replied: “Only a fool would think that.”

After which, the journalist said: “You think I’m a fool?”

“I do now, yeah,” commented the ex-president.

Morgan didn’t stop there, and shot back saying: “With respect, you haven’t produced the hard evidence.”

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In retaliation, Trump quipped: “I don’t think you’re real, very dishonest, let’s finish off the interview. Turn the camera off.”

However, after the teaser was released, the 75-year-old accused Morgan of ‘doctoring’ the footage and ‘going out of his way to deceptively edit’ the interview.

In a statement released on his website, Trump stated: “Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me.

“He wanted to make it look like I walked out of the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour.”

The statement went on to add that his team had also ‘kept a recording of the interview,’ adding: “for those who want to make Piers look bad, compare his video promo and how it was doctored to the real thing.

“He went out of his way to deceptively edit an interview and got caught.”

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