‘Don’t Look Up’ Director Addresses ‘Filming Blunder’ Spotted By Fans

The director of Don't Look Up, Adam McKay, has addressed the 'filming blunder' that fans of the film have spotted. 
Credit: Netflix

The director of Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay, has addressed the ‘filming blunder’ that fans of the film have spotted. 

The comedy, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, follows the two astronomers as they head on a mission to stop an incoming comet from hitting Earth, by embarking on a bizarre media campaign.

Although hundreds of viewers have dubbed the film ‘flawless,’ some people have pointed out that at the one hour and 28-minute mark, there’s a huge ‘error’.

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The director of Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay, has addressed the ‘filming blunder’ that fans of the film have spotted. Credit: Netflix

Apparently, if viewers look closely, they can see that there’s an actual cameraman in the background of the scene.

Several social media users, including TikTok filmmaker Ben Kohler, noticed the ‘blunder’ and immediately shared clips online.

Kohler’s post was simply captioned: “Oopsy.”

Since the ‘error’ has come to light, director McKay has come forward and decided to explain why it wasn’t removed.

@sightpicture #dontlookup #oops #moviemistakes ♬ original sound – Ben Köhler DP

Taking to Twitter, he said: “Good eye! We left that blip of the crew in on purpose to commemorate the strange filming experience.”

However, some people said they ‘weren’t buying’ the explanation and took to the comments to say so.

One Twitter user commented: “Just admit you didn’t notice it. It’s okay.”

Another added: “Oh come on! Stop lying.”

Pitching in, a third said: “And just like that I tripped on a rock, totally intentional.”

However, many others also took to the comments and shared nothing but praise for the movie.

One person tweeted: “I don’t care what people say, I love this movie!”

“Fantastic film and scarily familiar,” a second said.

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