Man Who Designed New Double-Decker Plane Seats Defends His Creation

Alejandro Núñez designed the new 'double-decker' plane seats concept and has defended his creation.
Credit: @alex.nvb/Instagram

The man who designed the new ‘double-decker’ plane seats concept has defended his creation.

As airlines continue to explore innovative ways to maximise passenger capacity, Alejandro Núñez believes he’s hatched the perfect plan.

Unlike Ryanair’s controversial idea of standing space on flights, this new concept introduces double-decker seating to fit more seats in the aircraft.

However, it’s caused quite a stir online and forced Núñez to defend his design.

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The double-decker seating arrangement resembles a space-saving bunk bed.

It has a higher row of seats accessed by climbing a few steps, while the lower seat is positioned behind and partially underneath, creating space for the passenger’s legs.

Initial reactions to the design were less than enthusiastic, with concerns ranging from safety issues during turbulence to the discomfort for taller passengers.

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The response on Reddit has been particularly critical.

One user writes: “Imagine some crazy turbulence and your legs get snapped, or you have to get off the plane in a hurry. Seems incredibly dangerous.”

Another was even more to the point, posting: “You could also fit more people into a jet by blending them into a fine slurry before boarding.”

Alejandro Núñez with his design.
Alejandro Núñez designed the new ‘double-decker’ plane seats concept and has defended his creation. Credit: @alex.nvb/Instagram

However, the designer of the concept, Núñez, has defended the design against the criticism.

He says: “People can talk and they always hate innovation in some ways.

“Most of the time when they show you something new, everyone hates it at first, they’re scared of change.

“But the more you show it, and the more you develop it, and the more they see it, the more they get used to it.”

Double decker plane seats
The new double-decker plane seat concept has faced backlash online. Credit: @alex.nvb/Instagram

Despite the mixed reception, the design has caught the attention of airlines, and it will be showcased as the ‘Chaise Longue’ at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo.

The concept proposes placing these seats in the centre aisle of larger aircraft, flanked by regular seating by the windows.

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While the repeated exposure strategy may not guarantee immediate acceptance or enthusiasm, it does demonstrate the commercial interest in exploring new seating configurations that could potentially increase passenger capacity.

As the industry continues to seek innovative solutions to optimise space and enhance efficiency, the double-decker seating concept offers an alternative approach.

Although it remains to be seen whether it will gain widespread acceptance among airlines and passengers.

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