Drag Race UK Star Vicki Vivacious Sets Sights On Returning For All Stars Series

Vicki Vivacious
Credit: BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestant Vicki Vivacious tells IGV that she was ‘truly heartbroken’ by exiting the competition and didn’t think she deserved to go home.

The queens were challenged to glammed up in their go-to celebrity impersonation drag to battle their way through the fan-favourite challenge Snatch Game.

Despite serving up jaw-dropping looks on the runway, this challenge was sadly the one that led to RuPaul sending Cornwall’s very own Vicki Vivacious home after a lip sync battle to Alexandra Burke’s ‘Heartbreak On Hold’ against none other than DeDeLicious.

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Vicki Vivacious
Vicki Vivacious hails from Cornwall. Credit: BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

So let’s take a look at what Vicki Vivacious had to say about leaving Drag Race UK, from her lip sync battle with DeDeLicious to her Werk Room drama with Cara Melle and Vicki Vivacious:

How do you feel after last night’s elimination?

It was a dream come true to be the first Cornish girl on Drag Race and no one wants to go home. but if you’re going to do it, do it after you’ve had a great run.

I walked out wearing something so amazing so I guess you could say it’s bittersweet.

Do you believe RuPaul and Michelle should’ve placed you in the bottom?

Yes, I completely deserved to be there. There’s no bitterness of me going. I think we are such a strong season that whoever’s going to be in the bottom, it’s going to be a shock.

I think people haven’t recovered from Banksie last week. I think week after week after week, it’s just going to be shock after shock after shock, simply because everyone is so good.

It’s such a strong season and there’s literally no filler queens. I think I was the worst at Snatch Game. DeDeLicious definitely beat me in the lip sync so I’d say it was deserved.

If you could go back in time and choose another Snatch Game character who would you do?

I think I would have definitely done my backup, and that was Greta Thunberg. I think I would have had more fun with her.

I think I was so serious and stuck to my lyrics, my lyrics, my script and my cards that I’d written out.

I wasn’t allowing myself to have fun and volley with RuPaul, and I think that’s something that I’ve definitely learned a lesson.

Vicki Vivacious
Vicki Vivacious portrayed Fanny Cradock in the Snatch Game. Credit: BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

When you walked into the Werk Room for the first time, what was going through your head when you walked around that corner?

Yeah. It’s something that you work so hard to get, and then when you walk in, it feels so surreal.

It’s almost like a dreamland. You feel like you’ve just climbed into the TV. Everything is exactly how you imagine it to look, and you’re like, wow, I’m in the Werk Room.

You turn that corner and you’ve just got a wall of cameras in front of you. So it is very overwhelming but also very you feel like you’ve really achieved something by walking in and being a RuPaul’s Drag Race star.

When you walked into the Werk Room for the first time who did you look at as your biggest competition?

This is going to sound so cliche, but it’s so true. I just thought, oh, no, these girls are all so good.

There’s not one person there. I was like, oh, my. Like, everyone was really, really good.

I knew Michael Marouli well before I’d gone in, so I know that Michael is so talented so that I already knew that even I’m up against my friends and my friends are talented.

A couple of weeks we saw things get pretty heated during Untucked after you took part in a challenge with Cara Melle and Banksie. How did it feel in that moment and was it a lot more heated than we actually got to see?

Yeah, do you know what? I think it felt more dramatic watching it on the television than it actually felt when I was there in person.

I stand by what I said. I do think that I could have held the group together better and taken the lead.

I also stand by my apology because I never meant to upset Banksie, and I still feel upset with myself that that came across that way because I am a nice person, and I think it did make me look so cutthroat that I’d shut my granny under a bus to get through to the next episode.

Viewers do need to realise that you do really think about yourself in there as you become so self-centred because you’ve worked so hard to get there.

You don’t want anything to slip you up and I know full well that any queen would admit that it’s fight or flight, isn’t it? And you just have to protect yourself.

Fans online have been well and truly obsessing over your drag and people were actually convinced you’d go the whole way – how has it been adjusting to the reception from the fans?

Yeah, it’s a double-edged sword. Isn’t it? You are creating a brand new fan base that has never met you before, but then you’re also creating an opportunity for people to criticise you and critique your drag because everyone thinks they’re a drag queen nowadays.

I’m so grateful. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity and this platform.

I’ve never grown up with social media, so I’m almost 40, so I don’t really have social media, like, in my DNA. I didn’t grow up with it. So for me, it took a little bit of adjusting and getting used to, but I’m getting there slowly.

I’m shocked that I’ve gone as well and I think I haven’t really looked at social media yet because I’ve been busy all day with interviews and I haven’t looked. I can see it popping up all day on my phone with all the beautiful comments.

It would be lovely to do what they did with the All Stars series and keep everyone the entire season. That would be amazing because then everyone gets their airtime, and everyone gets to showcase everything they brought with them.

It’s so incredible going onto people’s profiles after they’ve been eliminated and seeing what they would have worn. That’s one of my favourite things to do when the queens [are] gone.

Vicki Vivacious
Fans online have been praising Vicki Vicacious’ runway looks. Credit: BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

At the start of the competition, you sat and had a heartfelt moment with Michael Marouli about how long you’ve wanted to showcase your drag – how many times did you apply for the show and what felt different about your audition tape this time round compared to previous seasons?

This was my fifth year applying. I’ve applied every year, never been successful.

I decided to audition for season five, and I decided to be me, not what I think they wanted me to be.

The second that I switched that, I got the call. so if anyone’s reading this and wants to apply for Drag Race, do it because it’s the best thing in the world.

When you audition, just be yourself. Don’t think you have to send in these glossy audition tapes, they just want to see you and they want you to be able to connect and see who you are, whether that be good or bad.

Your runway looks this season have been incredible – what was your favourite part of the preparation process when putting your looks together?

I love being able to work with different designers and different costume makers.

My drag was born from theatre, so I’m quite theatrical with my drag.

I’m definitely not going to be walking a runway anytime soon so my costumes are quite large and extravagant.

I didn’t realise how many times I wear a hat until I watched Drag Race back. Like, every single time I’m on the runway, I’ve got something on my head.

This week we saw you lip sync against DeDeLicious – how did you feel when standing across from DeDe knowing that you were about to have to lip sync for your life?

OK here it goes, I knew as soon as we started I was going to lose the lip-sync because I don’t lip-sync.

With my sciatica, I can barely get off the sofa, let alone do the splits.

When you get older you start aching and I know I’m only 37 but you really do start aching in places you didn’t think you could.

Vicki Vivacious
Vicki Vivacious competed in a lip-sync for her life against DeDeLicious. Credit: BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

With Drag Race pumping out season after season you never know when that phone could ring again – if the opportunity arose would you be down to throw your hat back into the ring and compete on All Stars or a VS the World season?

I would absolutely love to. Never say never.

I’ve always loved Brooklyn Hytes so if Canada Vs The World gave me a call I might just have to dust off that passport.

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