‘Dragons Den’ Star Says Chris Whitty ‘Will Hang’ After Recommending Covid Vaccines For Children

Chris Whitty
Credit: Chris Whitty

Dragons Den star Rachel Elnaugh has caused outrage after saying Chris Whitty ‘will hang’ for recommending Covid vaccines for children.

The entrepreneur, who appeared on the BBC show’s first two series, took to Twitter to blast the Chief Medical Officer after he announced that kids aged between 12 and 15 would be offered the jab.

She wrote: “Child abuse. Whitty will hang for this. #CeaseandDesist.”

Watch the moment Chris Whitty was manhandled in the street by two ‘thugs’ in the clip below… 

Many of her followers slammed her post in the comments section and urged her to ‘delete’ it as it sounded like she was ‘making a threat’.

“Rachel you may have strong opinions about this. But please delete this tweet,” wrote one person.

“No one is going to hang. That is illegal. I do hope you aren’t making a threat, that would be something the police can take action on,” another said.

A third commented: “Whitty has already been assaulted in the street. You are inciting violence. Reported.”

Elnaugh then hit back at the heat her tweet was receiving, saying: “People are saying ‘Whitty is just doing his job’.

“The bigger question is ‘Who is he being bankrolled by?’

“Big Pharma never want this $ multi-billion industry to end!!!

“How many ‘new variants’ and ‘booster jabs’ will it take before you wake up to what is going on?”

Man Who Harassed Chris Whitty Sacked From His Job

However, this was met with even more backlash in the comments.

One person wrote: “The bigger question is why are you allowed by social media to peddle lies and misinformation to push your agenda – you are grifting pure and simple. You failed at business and are trying this to make money.  Shocking.”

Another added: “It’s people like you who fuel new infections and therefore new variants (and in turn, the need for more jabs).”

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