Drug Addict Couple Sell Their Newborn Son For £6,800 So They Can Fund Their Meth Addiction

A drug-addicted couple has sold their newborn son for £6,800 – just hours after birth – so they could fund their meth addiction. The couple has since been jailed for their twisted behaviour. 

A corrupted couple in China have made a profit of £6,800 by selling their newborn son, all so they could sort out their mounting debts and fuel their addiction to meth.

According to the Chinese news site Sina, they met another couple on an online chatroom who said they were struggling to conceive and desperately wanted a baby.

Horrifyingly, the couple decided they would give up their newborn and the couples managed to come to an agreement and decided that a fee approaching £7,000 would be worthy. Quickly after birth, the baby was whisked off to his new home.

Credit: Neijiang Police

As a part of the agreement made on the online chatroom, it was decided that after the couple transferred over 60,000 yuan (£6,800) that the baby would be immediately taken upon birth.

On October 11th, the baby boy was born and he was taken. The couple then received their cash.

However, the police had been monitoring the pair after concerns had been raised and they were then arrested for child trafficking offences.

Fortunately, the baby is now in safe hands and living with his grandparents.

The couple – who are only known as Mr Wang and Ms Zhong – had asked the couple desperately seeking a child to “look after” their baby in exchange for a large sum of money.

Credit: Neijiang Police

Based on local media sources in the south-western Chinese city of Neijiang, the couple was facing serious financial difficulties. In addition to this, Ms Zhong’s addiction to meth was so severe that on multiple occasions throughout her pregnancy, she indulged on her deadly addiction.

The couple has admitted to purchasing a batch of crystal meth and two brand new mobile phones with the money they made from selling their newborn child.

Credit: Neijiang Police

Apparently, when the cops find the couple they had stacks of cash and drug equipment littered around the room.

Mr Wang is now facing five years in prison whilst Ms Zhong has been jailed for six.

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